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Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of what we do is the wellbeing of every child. By registering your child for our programme, you do not just equip your child but empower us to equip an indigent child in a public school.


Most frequent questions and answers

The wellbeing of children and adolescents is at the heart of what we do.

We believe that a healthy body equates a healthy mind and everything else falls on a healthy mindset. At ETCS, we focus on mindset works where we coach children using games, activities, crafts, and lots of tailored play for growth in faith and personal development. We simplify difficult concepts and deliver them in ways that children & teenagers understand and can relate with in their day-to-day activities.

Your child sees us for a tailor-made programme either by themselves or in a group. These sessions lay the foundation for becoming exceptional self-leaders.


Our programmes are:

Discovery Pathway Programme:

a. Early Starters – Ages 5-8

b. Pathfinders – Ages 9-12

– Mastery Accelerator Programme

– The Faith Club

– ETCS Workshop

These programmes are developed based on the needs identified in childhood and early adolescents. Visit www.equippingthechild.com/programmes for more details on each of them.


Our success stories are from the children and teens we’ve worked with.

Our programmes simply equip the child to understand the effects of their thinking on their feelings, behaviour, and actions. They learn to make better choices on their own by making lifestyle changes that impact positively on their long-term outcomes. Just like regular exercise builds up muscles, our unconventional life coaching programmes help to strengthen the mind and will of participants.


We make a series of choices on a regular basis and most children lack

the motivation and emotional resilience to make better choices in the absence of a parent. Rather than wait for the child to grow up or until things spiral out of control, why not equip your child to be all that they can be. Life coaching for children offers you peace of mind that your child will be able to make good decisions, minimize the dangers and maximize the opportunities on their path as they grow older.


Life coaching for children is different from counselling and therapy in

certain ways. Whenever parents are faced with emotional, social, or behavioural problems in their child, they may choose to opt for therapy as a mainstream intervention. While therapy certainly has a place when working through psychological issues, trauma, or with diagnosed mental health conditions, it isn’t always the best choice for the child who might simply need some support in dealing with an obstacle they are faced with.

The idea behind therapy is to focus on past traumas and issues to change self­destructive habits, repair and improve relationships, and work through painful feelings. In this sense, therapy focuses on the past and on introspection and analysis (Zelna Lauwrence).

Life Coaching for children is a process of helping children develop some personal skills that will equip them to minimize the dangers as well as maximize opportunities on their path as they grow older. These skills include self-leadership, emotional resilience, creative problem solving, effective communication, and self­confidence.

Overall, life coaching for children helps them to feel empowered and positive about life. It involves clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, and challenging behaviours, to create action plans to achieve desired results. We work in collaboration with therapists if the need arises but, in some cases, we are obliged to refer children if they have: an active mental illness (depression, acute anxiety, etc.), a substance abuse problem, exposure to abuse of any sort, mentioned thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide.


We can successfully work alongside therapists in a non-invasive way

because our focus is on inspiring, motivating, and equipping children and teens with the skills they need to handle their problems and live meaningful lives whilst the therapist focuses on processing the underlying issues that have resulted in the unwanted behaviour.


Our sessions could be in-person or online. Online sessions are held on

zoom platform, when necessary, while In-person sessions could be at our vibrant pop-up studio in Victoria Island or at a venue suitable for the child’s needs. Your child sees us either by themselves or in a group.


We offer value for your investment in your child. And since this is an

investment that guarantees results over the long-term, our sessions are charged as a package. The fee structure for each programme is outlined below it. Click here www.equippingthechild.com/programmes


Thank you for your interest in our programme. You can register your

child by clicking www.equippingthechild.com/registration


We meet at a time suitable for your child after school hours or during



Our programmes are aimed at different ages delivered in an age-

appropriate way, but the same core skill set, and tools are available to all participants in each programme. The Discovery Pathway Programme for Early Starters is designed for children ages 5-8 years old. Our focus however are preteens and teens because many crucial life decisions are made at this stage.


Kids Life Coaching is suitable for everyday children with everyday

challenges. And no matter the problem they are experiencing, with the right support they will be able to find solutions that will equip them in the way they think, feel and act with long-term positive results.


You are not required to stay with your child during a session, but you’re

welcome to join if you will love to see us in action. The Mastery Accelerator involves 2x family engagement sessions which requires that parents are present.


ETCS team leader is a heart-based practitioner with a legal

background. She is certified by a global organization that are leaders in life coaching for children and she strongly upholds global best practices. In addition, as a team, we do undergo continuous personal development training as life-long learners.



Our sessions are upbeat, unconventional, non-judgmental, and

unconditional. Play is the language of childhood, and we engage the senses of the children and teens in our programmes through their language – play. At ETCS, we focus on mindset works while coaching children and teens using games, activities, crafts, and lots of tailored play


Every child is unique and different with their individual needs. We’ll

recommend that siblings be coached together where their needs are similar and they’re not far apart in age. Anything other than these will require that siblings be coached separately during the foundational and building stages.


Children and teenagers love to be leaders and in control of their

circumstances. They get frustrated whenever they’re unable to get through with the challenges on their path. An understanding that sport coaches help them to gain skills that will get them to their sport goals faster will help them to understand the concept of life coaching. Let them know that life coaching will help them gain the skills that they need to become the leaders of their own life and also be all that they can be as they journey through life.


We have different programmes that requires you to just sign up your

child and help them to show up on time for their first session. However, the Emerging Champions Programme involves a pre-consultation where your child’s coach will show up to prepare your child/teen for the coaching programme. During this session, your child will learn what the programme entails, and what to expect in each session. After this, you can prepare them to show up for their first coaching session on time and answer any further questions your child may have.


Self-leadership is a lifelong journey. Once you complete the

programme, you are welcome to join ETCS Champions’ Club. This is our subscription membership club where we offer on-going support to ensure children & teens who have completed their programmes keep on track, reinforce the skills they have learnt, and set goals to align with their aspirations.


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