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What We Do

We provide families and institutions with strategies that resolves the struggle of
healthy lifestyle choices for their children through our personalized and group play-based mindset coaching programmes that inspire, motivate, and equip children and teenagers to flourish in their youth.

Our Programmes:

One-On-One/Personalized Play-based Mindset Coaching

Our personalized play-based mindset coaching programme is tailored to meet the needs of the child identified through a lifestyle assessment. Our sessions are held in-person or virtually and are upbeat, unconditional, unconventional, and non-judgmental. That is, we do not look into the past but meet the child where he/she is at and carve a path for them to make positive changes in the way they think, feel, act, and behave. Programme duration is within a period of 3 to 7months. No quick fixes. Click below to learn more.


The Faith Club!

The Faith Club is an online group coaching programme designed to equip every participant with the skills they need to make their choices in life easier. The programme instils in participants seeds of faith and kingdom values so that they are able to standout, stay focused and motivated as kingdom ambassadors wherever they go. The Faith Club is committed to raising Godly children in a world with eroded values. Sessions are held in small groups and designed for children ages 7-12. Sessions hold weekly for a period of 4 weeks every other month and explores various faith-based principles and topics each month. Click below to learn more.




This is a one-day in-person group coaching programme that holds the 3rd Saturday of every other month. It is a hands-on, fun and interactive workshop where participants are able to discover their pathway for growth in personal development such as confidence building, self-leadership principles, values, effective communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, social skills and a lot more. It equips every participant – children ages 9-12 years with the skills they need to make positive changes in the way they think, feel and act. It strengthens their minds just like regular exercise strengthens the body. Click below to learn more.  


Coaching in schools 


We offer life coaching sessions in schools (private and public schools), on demand. We also consult and design students’ wellbeing plan for schools. 

A national survey on Violence Against Children (VAC) conducted in 2014 indicated a high prevalence of sexual, physical, and emotional violence against children in Nigeria. Six out of every 10 children suffer one or more forms of violence – physical, sexual, and emotional – before they reach the age of 18 years, with more than 70 percent suffering repeated abuse. The survey also highlighted the fact that very few children speak out about their experiences, and even fewer seek or receive services or justice – just five in 100 abused children ever receive the help that they need to recover. Source -Communication for Development | UNICEF Nigeria.

Together we can change this narrative!