We partner with you to offer hands-on, practical, and measurable solutions to everyday challenges children ages 6-16 years may be facing before they spiral out of control.

What We Do

We Inspire.

We inspire children ages 6 -16 years to embrace guidance, identify their strengths & talents, find their own inner motivation and put them into good use. 

We Motivate.

We motivate children ages 6 – 16 years to find true inspiration, prepare for opportunities and possibilities, embrace a sense of authenticity and independence.

We Equip.

We equip children ages 6 – 16 years with the skills they need to fill up their own emotional cups, build resilience and prepare for curveballs, accept and respect themselves, and communicate better for stronger family and other positive  connections.

The missing puzzle pieces to everyday challenges facing everyday children in Nigeria

You are no doubt reading this right now because you have children’s wellbeing at heart. Like me, you may be wondering what exactly is the biggest challenge children might be facing in Nigeria.

Parenting Resources

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How do you raise Godly children in a world with eroded values?

Motherhood: A Double-Edged Sword – A Practical Guide for Every Mother on Raising Godly Children,
with Lessons from Timeless Mothers, will help you to understand what motherhood is, your influence as
a mother and the possible outcome of your influence on your children.