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Bridging the gap between academic & practical skills with life coaching for children.

We inspire zeal for a happier childhood while holding space for preteens & teens to express themselves and at the same time get equipped for life - improved sense of wellbeing, social competence, and communication skills.

We Inspire.

We inspire zeal for a happier childhood through our core values SERVE -

We Motivate.

We motivate preteens and teenagers to strive to be better each day by mastering critical habits for success including discretion, time management, authenticity, and self-leadership.

We Equip.

We equip preteens & teens using proven tools from Emotional Intelligence, Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

We Promote.

We promote their wellbeing by ensuring the mastery of critical habits for success such as healthy eating and sleeping, regular exercise, positive leisure time away from technology, and healthy friendship amongst others.


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Dedavella Life Coaching Services is an edtech firm with a focus on promoting adolescent's wellbeing to bridge the gap between academic and practical skills for the future workforce, society, and families. Our goal is to cushion the effects of academic and life pressures by inspiring the mastery of critical habits in children and adolescents for future success. Whilst inspiring them to get better every day, we hold their hands through the process.

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Our Report on Equipping Children & Teens

We join hands with the working mom and institutions in ensuring that children do not miss out on the opportunity of becoming successful in life. Through our afterschool hours and weekend life coaching programs for ages 9-12 & 13-16 years respectively, we coach participants virtually or in-person, by themselves or in small groups. We also conduct events to equip the working mom and partner with institutions to equip children in schools with the aim of curbing peer violence.

Our Approach

We inspire zeal for a happier childhood and hold a safe space for preteens & teens to express themselves and get equipped for life at the same time.

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We promote and contribute to children and teens' well-being through tailored products.


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Mom of B. 9 years old boy

He was happy to join classes, The facilitator was professional, always smiling and definitely made a difference in his mindset! My son is now able to respond appropriately without being in panic during peer confrontation. I recommend the work that you do at Equipping The Child Studio. Every child deserves to be heard, every child deserves to learn coping strategies for life, that way, they are equipped through the ups and downs!

Mrs A.

Mom of K. 12 years old boy

Thank you for all you do. He's been a lot more serious and focused with school.


Mom of Imaan -12 years old boy

The programme is very good, and it include most aspects that is important to achieve the desired result. I believe more involvement of sibling may further improve the programme. Imaan appear to be more mature and more in control of his emotions. He plays more with his brother and he is more patient with him. I also notice he does chores sometimes without me asking. Just a few weeks of enroling for the programme, I have noticed lot of positive changes in my son. Mrs. Lucky-Dekor has a very beautiful and likeable personality and my son is very comfortable and always willing to attend the sessions with her. The sessions has helped my son to open up and learn about life experiences and how to deal with challenges of growing up and life generally.

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