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I'm Debbie, Children and Adolescents' Wellbeing Contributor at Dedavella Life Coaching Services

As a child, I was loved and cherished as the last of 7 children and the 2nd girl among 5 boys. So, my childhood was fun at home. But I was a victim of bullying and violence among my peers at school. This started at primary school and continued to secondary school. My parents and siblings never knew about this because I didn’t tell them.

I was a happy child at home but sad when I go to school as I would often avoid staying in my class whenever the teacher wasn’t there. And after school, I would hide somewhere and wait for the bullies to all go before I leave for home. On some unfortunate days, they would ambush me and attack me on my way home.

Those experiences have become the steppingstone to my deepest desire to support children that may be going through everyday challenges like I did. Children who may be struggling to embrace their true selves, communicate effectively with family and friends, and are struggling to cope with the different curveballs that life throws at them.

These curve balls come in different shapes and sizes, and like me, many children for some reasons do not communicate these with their parents or trusted adults. Most children keep these to themselves and grow to become bitter, abusive, and insecure adults.

Our play-based mindset coaching seeks to bridge this gap by meeting the child where he/she’s at and open up communication lines in families. I see this non-judgmental, non-invasive and unconventional approach as a strategy to partner with parents to enhance their children’s wellbeing by growing in them seeds of faith and personal development.

I was fortunate to recover from the effect of bullying and violence early on with the help of someone I now refer to as my kids life coach. I have since pivoted my career from a practicing Lawyer to a kid’s life coach through a formal training and certification in kid’s life coaching. I’m equipped with the right skills, energy, personality, and passion to coach children and adolescents to be resilient and strong self-leaders.

Kids life coaching programmes prevents childhood challenges from impacting on the child’s later teen and adult life.

Let’s turn Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs).

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We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support and promote the global goals with particular focus on SDGs 3 & 4 as it relates to children and
adolescents in Nigeria.



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