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Positive Affirmations and Its Impact on Children’s Wellbeing!

Modernity and the way we live now exposes children to persistent toxicity which causes stress and even adults are struggling to live a sane life. Industrial revolution has transformed childhood over the past few decades and growing up in the 21st century become a tough job. Family dynamics, technology overload, exposure to aggressive marketing and the like affect children emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

To mitigate the side effect of this on people and children in particular, tons of research papers has gone out and a lot more are forthcoming. It has become evidently clear that to live a peaceful, happy, and inspired life, it is very important to have a good/stable mental health.

One way to achieve a good/stable mental health is through positive thinking or optimism. Research shows that optimism or positive thinking is a source of psychological wellbeing which to a large extent, is tied to a person’s overall wellbeing. As children grow older, they go through various developmental stages and testing boundaries is inevitable – this comes with growth, but they need not travel on this journey alone. They need to have clear boundaries in form of short positive statements that they can repeat to themselves called positive affirmations.

Affirmations are short positive statements to say aloud to oneself and repeated as frequently as possible to stir up and activate positive thoughts in the person. Parents are doing a great job to offer the much-needed support to their children and the schools are also doing their best. Getting a child to be actively engaged in repeating words of affirmation aloud to him/herself has great long-term benefits.

Positive affirmations are very relevant as it relates to active coping strategies when faced with a negative situation or stress as there are psychological and biblical principles backing this activity up. Some benefits of practicing positive affirmations daily for children include increased sense of self, positive attitude, improved behavior and a sense of responsibility, productivity, improved focus and problem solving abilities, self-confidence, stable overall wellbeing and much more.

It therefore means that to enhance children’s mental health and overall wellbeing, get them to repeat positive affirmations daily. Click here Resources – Equipping The Child for a FREE download of our 31-Day personal development affirmations for children and teens. 31 days is great, enough to form a habit if followed through.

We’ve also put together specific affirmations below:

7 Growth Mindset Affirmation

– I can do anything I put my mind to
– I try new things
– I embrace challenges
– I am brave enough to overcome challenges
– Learning is my superpower
– I ask for help when I need one


7 Faith Affirmations

– I am strong and courageous
– I have faith over fear
– I refuse to shrink from my abilities
– I ride on eagles’ wings
– I am fearfully and wonderfully made
– I am confident that christ lives in me
– I am an overcomer

5 Bedtime Affirmations

– I’m no longer a slave to fear
– I have the spirit of power and love
– I have a sound mind
– I have personal discipline
– I have abilities that result in a calm and well-balanced mind

Affirmations are positive programming that helps children, young people and even adults to deal with the tough realities of everyday life. With children’s wellbeing at the heart of what I do, I offer hands-on, practical, and measurable solutions to everyday challenges children may be facing before they spiral out of control.

This preventive approach enables us at Equipping the Child Studio, to focus on the present moment as we inspire, motivate, and ignite the potentials of the children in our programs. Kids life coaching prevents childhood challenges from impacting on the child’s later teen and adult life. Find out more about our packages and how we can support your child by contacting us on info@equippingthchild.com.

Deborah Lucky-Deekor
Certified Kids Life Coach, Founder – Equipping The Child Studio
Lagos, Nigeria.

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