Who We Are

We equip children and teens to be resilient and self-leaders. Most children and young people struggle to make healthy lifestyle choices because of the every day challenges they’re faced with, the toxicity in society, or a struggle for any of the 5 basic human needs of survival, power, belonging, fun, and freedom.  When one or more of these are not met, the result in children is an unwanted behaviour which mostly ends in restiveness, violence, and pain in families and society.

Our Vision

To be the leading contributor to children’s wellbeing and self-development in Nigeria by 2030.

Our Mission

To inspire, motivate and equip children to become world-class leaders by providing them with the toolkits and skills  they need to develop a strong sense of self, inspiration, and stronger family connection. 

Our Core Values

We Value Relationships because they give us fulfillment.

We value Commitment because it ignites our potentials.

We value Resourcefulness because it gives us security.

We value Integrity because it makes us accountable.

We value Service because serving others is true greatness.

We value Respect because it gives us peace.

We Value Loyalty because we are lifelong learners.

We value Compassion because it makes the world a better place.

Meet Debbie

Deborah Lucky-Deekor
Founder, Equipping The Child Studio.

Deborah is a wife and mother of three children with over 10 years on-the-field experience. She’s the author of the book Motherhood A Double-Edged Sword- A Practical Guide for Every Mother on Raising Godly Children.

Trained as a lawyer with Master’s degree in Corporate and Energy Resources Law, she worked in a law firm in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria for a few years during the early years of her career. Driven by a strong desire to equip young people for inspired and meaningful living, she went on to be further trained in Positive Psychology Art Coaching, obtained a certification in Professional Life Coaching and now a certified Kids Life Coach.

Specializing in Self-Leadership and Resilience, she is devoted to equipping children and teens to embrace embrace self-growth, inspiration, and stronger family connection. Her story, passion and interest in children’s overall well-being, the lifestyle choices they make, and what young people are capable of becoming when equipped has driven her on this path. 

To this end, Deborah is committed to equipping herself and her team constantly on the journey of inspiring, motivating and equipping children and the adults in their lives with tangible toolkits and the skills to make their choices in life easier, handle life’s curve balls with ease, and communicate better for stronger family connection and meaningful living.

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