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One Thing Every Parent Must Know About Play

Once upon a time, children were seen as people that spends all day everyday playing, jumping, and asking a thousand question per second, is this assumption still true today? Boys used to spend hours playing football, chasing lizards, flying kites, and climbing trees while the girls spent hours on pretend play – cooking and baking, making cloths for dolls and…

The Critical Role That Sleep Plays in Children’s Wellbeing & Academic Performance

Sleep is critical for life, health, movement, energy, productivity, interaction, focus and concentration. Yes, sleep is a superpower. Humans were designed to sleep, but lifestyle choices have actually hindered the way many sleep. Concerns that children do not get enough sleep cut across generations and centuries. A lot of children find it difficult to sleep through the night, most don’t…

“I’m The Worst Mom Ever!” – Mum Guilt

There’s one striking and strong emotion that comes with motherhood that nobody probably ever told you. If you’re thinking “love” well, you’re correct but I’m referring to GUILT in this blog post. Yes, Mom Guilt. “I’m the worst mom ever” was a phrase I said to myself often many times from when I first became a mom in 2012 to…

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