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Character and Personal Development Booster Workshop [Ages 7-12]

The Character and Personal Development Booster Workshop is focused on making children’s
inner world stronger, resilient and equipped to deal with the outer world, make the right choices
and reach for the stars.

This virtual edition starting on the 18th of February is for children ages 7-12. It’s a live online
workshop and accessible to children anywhere in the comfort of your homes.

5 weekly sessions to help children:

1. Become self aware & driven
2. Develop a positive mindset & love for learning
3. Understand relationships & manage their emotions
4. Be authentic & self-confident
5. Build resilience & time management skills for exam success

What to expect in your child by the end of the programme:

1. Your child will be more focused, conscious of his/her environment and know what role to
2. Your child will be more flexible in his/her thinking
3. Your child will be confident in her true self and know what areas to improve on
4. Your child will be equipped with the right tools for personal growth
5. Your child will cultivate core values and Godly virtues

Week 1: Self-discovery and Awareness
Week 2: Power of the Mind
Week 3: Relationships and Emotional Management
Week 4: Authenticity and Self-confidence
Week 5: Core values and Godly virtues

Your Investment:
Per session N5500
All sessions N21750

To Pay Online;

Per session N5500 – https://paystack.com/pay/s4b8fklqjh
All sessions N21750 – https://paystack.com/pay/ghp4geq8hu


For Bank Payment;

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank


Account Number: 0109325809


Equip your child with inner Joy, Resilience and Godly Virtues to enhance
her Personality and overall Performance in Life.

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